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Last month, WCE members Jan Lenaerts and Leo van Kampenhout visited the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder (USA), and both gave talks at the annual CESM Land Ice and Polar Climate Working Group meetings. Their presentations are attached.

Jan’s talk focuses on the surface climate of Antarctica and how this will change in the future. He found indicators that Antarctic summers will become warmer (more melt) and wetter (more snow) in future, but regional differences exist on this massive continent. Leo’s talk addresses atmospheric biases that exist in the current version of CESM over the Greenland ice sheet region. He compared CESM data with satellite observations and existing regional modelling results. These data originate from the CESM climate model simulations that have been performed within Water, Climate and Ecosystems, and which are currently used with WCE to couple with hydrological models to derive glacier, anthropogenic and natural contributions to past, present and future water cycle on Earth.

Intensification of the Antarctic hydrological cycle in a warming climate: A study with CESM
Jan Lenaerts

Evaluation of present-day surface energy and mass balances of the Greenland ice sheet with CESM (CAM5)
Leo van Kampenhout

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