Marleen van Rijswick ontvangt Schilthuispenning

  Prof. mr. Marleen van Rijswick (Rechtsgeleerdheid) heeft de Schilthuispenning toegekend gekregen. Zij ontving de penning op woensdag 10 februari uit handen van minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructuur en Milieu) voor haar belangrijke aandeel in de ontwikkeling en beoefening van het waterrecht en waterbeheer. Minister Schultz van Haegen roemt van Rijswick onder meer vanwege haar […]

Climate change not the main cause for increase in flood risk in flood prone areas

Worldwide economic losses from river flooding could increase 20-fold by the end of the 21st century if no further actions on flood risk reduction are taken. Over 70% of this increase can be attributed to economic growth in flood prone areas. The research was conducted by a Dutch research team consisting of researchers from Utrecht […]

Smeltende gletsjers liegen niet

WCE glaciologist Jan Lenaerts comments on the movie Chasing Ice (in Dutch), shown last Monday at Studium Generale in Utrecht.

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International Conference on Sustainability

Event date: October 27th, 2015 Event location: Utrecht Programme: here Jan and Marc will be representing GWCM on the conference.

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3 open PhD positions for Water, Climate & Ecosystems

Deadline: October 1st, 2015 WCE is seeking PhD candidates for the following projects under the NWO call The New Delta: Fresh groundwater reserves in 40 major deltas under global change; Modelling nutrient stoichiometry in rivers from local to global scale; Modelling global methane and carbon dioxide emissions in river basins. See: Three_PhDs_at_WCE_newDelta_full.docx

Marie Curie fellowship for José Mogollon

Postdoctoral researcher and WCE geochemist José Mogollon has been awarded a Marie Curie fellowship for his proposal Disentangling anthropogenic and natural causes for global coastal hypoxia (COASTAL HYPOXIA). José will use this grant to enhance coastal biogeochemical models such that they can better capture hypoxia. Congratulations José! Project description Dissolved oxygen is an essential substance […]

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Veni award for Jan Lenaerts

Postdoctoral researcher and WCE meteorologist Jan Lenaerts has been awarded a NWO Veni grant. From 2015 onwards he will use this grant to further improve snow physics in CESM. Congratulations Jan! Figure: Sea surface temperature (colours), sea-ice concentration (whites) and atmospheric winds and surface pressure (vectors and lines, respectively from an earlier version of CESM. […]

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Michiel van den Broeke wins EGU Louis Agassiz Medal

The 2015 Louis Agassiz Medal is awarded to Michiel R. van den Broeke for fundamental contributions to model mass balance on the ice sheets with the Regional Atmospheric Climate Model (RACMO) model. Full story


Presentation and future of UU sustainability (10 June)

During this afternoon symposium the strategic theme Sustainability will be presented, and sessions are organized on finding common lines of future research within the theme. Marc Bierkens will talk on behalf of WCE. Lunch before and drinks after will be provided, admission free. See you at the June the 10th!