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Meet Judith and her project

How will increased flooding impact vegetation and ecosystem processes that are coupled to climate? Due to human activities and climate change, flooding events have increased in severity and frequency worldwide. Such flooding events have large effects on vegetation and plant physiology, in turn impacting the microbial processes that drive nutrient fluxes, carbon sequestration and greenhouse […]

Meet Maarten and his project

Global modelling of vegetation dynamics and feedbacks: linking carbon, water and nitrogen Because nitrogen (N) is a fundamental component of living organisms, its biogeochemical cycle is strongly linked to that of carbon (C). Currently, most natural ecosystems are limited by availability of N, which poses constraints on vegetation productivity. Therefore, C-N coupling in terrestrial ecosystems […]

Meet Joyce and her project

Impacts of anthropogenic changes to the global water cycle on regional and global climate In my research I will focus on the impact of anthropogenic changes in the watercycle, on both a regional and a global scale. One of the tools of choice will be the PCR-GLOBWB hydrological model. Changes in e.g. evaporation and river […]

Meet José and his project

How will global biogeochemical cycles respond to climate-induced changes in the hydrological cycle? My main goal within the “Future global water cycle” project  is to develop quantitative models that can describe the cycling of nutrients (e.g. water depth-integrated transformations) at a global scale in freshwater and coastal systems, with a special focus on the historical […]

Meet Dewi and his project

Response of the Atlantic Ocean circulation due to Greenland ice sheet melting and ecosystem impact Dewi’s research is on the Atlantic Ocean circulation and in particular the sensitivity to Greenland meltwater runoff. To investigate the mechanisms at play in this problem we use the future generation of high-resolution climate models that resolves mesoscale eddies in […]

Meet Anoeska and her project

How can society effectively react on changes in flood risks and fresh water availability to protect water and ecosystems and shift towards a sustainable society? In the Water, Climate and Ecosystems project Anoeska does research on Effective and legitimate reactions of society to changes in flood risk and drinking water availability. Even when reliable information […]

Meet Rianne and her project

Global modelling of glaciers and their impact on downstream water availability Studies of the global glacier contribution to sea-level rise assume that glacier melt water directly ends up in the world’s oceans. They do not account for any delay in the transfer of melt water from the glaciated mountains to the ocean. Global hydrological models […]