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Talks Jan and Leo at annual CESM work meeting online

Last month, WCE members Jan Lenaerts and Leo van Kampenhout visited the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder (USA), and both gave talks at the annual CESM Land Ice and Polar Climate Working Group meetings. Their presentations are attached. Jan’s talk focuses on the surface climate of Antarctica and how this will change in […]

Jan wins Belgian price and goes to Antarctica

Last September WCE project coordinator and glaciologist Jan Lenaerts was awarded the InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship in Brussels. He will use the research grant of €150,000 to visit Antarctica to do fieldwork. Two weeks ago, on the 15th of November, Jan has left for Cape Town where he has changed flights to Antarctica. Currently he […]

Meet Maarten and his project

Global modelling of vegetation dynamics and feedbacks: linking carbon, water and nitrogen Because nitrogen (N) is a fundamental component of living organisms, its biogeochemical cycle is strongly linked to that of carbon (C). Currently, most natural ecosystems are limited by availability of N, which poses constraints on vegetation productivity. Therefore, C-N coupling in terrestrial ecosystems […]

Master thesis projects

As of now there are 3 new opportunities for master students to do their thesis research within WCE. Please see PDF for more details. The students will not only be actively enrolled in the ongoing research at IMAU within WCE, but also take part in the weekly work discussions at IMAU and three-monthly WCE meetings. […]

Data portal is now online

Good news: the data portal is now online and accessible for all WCE members! Please click the link in the main menu to access it. Note that the portal will not offer upload functionality because of security reasons. Below you find a sample of how it looks like.

Dewi’s poster for CESM Workshop

Next week Dewi will present a poster at the 19th Annual CESM Workshop. The topic of the poster is high-resolution climate modelling, that in part is funded by WCE. The 19th Annual CESM Workshop is being held at The Village at Breckenridge, Colorado from 16 – 19 June 2014. More information can be found here.

New group photos!

Our postdoctoral researchers, as of March 2014 (click to enlarge): And the full (yet incomplete) WCE group: Photographs by Ruud van Kooten (UU Beta).

Meet Joyce and her project

Impacts of anthropogenic changes to the global water cycle on regional and global climate In my research I will focus on the impact of anthropogenic changes in the watercycle, on both a regional and a global scale. One of the tools of choice will be the PCR-GLOBWB hydrological model. Changes in e.g. evaporation and river […]

Meet José and his project

How will global biogeochemical cycles respond to climate-induced changes in the hydrological cycle? My main goal within the “Future global water cycle” project  is to develop quantitative models that can describe the cycling of nutrients (e.g. water depth-integrated transformations) at a global scale in freshwater and coastal systems, with a special focus on the historical […]

Meet Dewi and his project

Response of the Atlantic Ocean circulation due to Greenland ice sheet melting and ecosystem impact Dewi’s research is on the Atlantic Ocean circulation and in particular the sensitivity to Greenland meltwater runoff. To investigate the mechanisms at play in this problem we use the future generation of high-resolution climate models that resolves mesoscale eddies in […]